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Welcome to FCA

Freedom Christian Academy (FCA) is a newly formed private Christian school hosted by JAMA at 22392 FM 16 W, Lindale, TX 75771.  We currently offer grades Pre-K through 6th grade for the 2023-2024 year.  The school has opened with a vision to provide affordable, quality education from a Biblical perspective. Our mission is to disciple, equip, and empower students to be Christian leaders who carry out the "Great Commission" found in Matthew 23:18-20.

A Message from the Principal

Dear Prospective FCA family, 

Your desire to raise your child to love the Lord and develop a Biblical worldview is a worthy calling. It is a sacred trust to partner with families like yours, and we commit to stewarding the opportunity well. 

As you raise your child according to God's ways, Freedom Christian Academy comes alongside you to instill Biblical character and encourage Biblical reasoning in all aspects of life. 

We stand with parents to prepare students to fulfill their God-given potential to advance the Kingdom of Christ.

The enrollment process includes an online application, a student assessment, and a family interview. I look forward to meeting you.

Cathryne Hobbs

Principal and Administrator FCA


 The mission of Freedom Christian Academy is

to equip and empower students to become strong Christian leaders who can effectively carry out the "Great Commission" outlined in Matthew 28:18-20.

FCA Vision & Purpose

At Freedom Christian Academy, we confidently strive to cultivate a Christian environment that fosters the growth of young minds. We are dedicated to educating and developing students both physically and spiritually, emphasizing the importance of eternal values. Our team works closely with parents to ensure that the whole child is nurtured and developed in every aspect, including socially, intellectually, and physically. With a complete commitment to our goal, we have dedicated staff who are always eager to help our students grow into the best versions of themselves.

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